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  More about Gift Cards  

 Gift Cards are available in several denominations and are good toward Let's Dansk Danish lessons or goods.  $25 will buy a 30-minute private Danish lesson, and $45 buys a full hour.  You can select amounts that are less or more than this, however.  Gift cards can also be used to buy the gifts or used books found by clicking the pictures above. Any amount not covered by the Gift Card is due at checkout.

These are eGift Cards.  No physical item will be sent to the recipient.   Instead, an email will be sent including a unique gift card number.  Buyers may select which day they would like the eCard to be sent.

 Using a gift card for a lesson: Your gift card will show a unique number.  Please
fill out this form and include your gift card number.  Note that Gift Cards apply only to Let's Dansk Private 30-minute or 1-hour lessons. You will be contacted within a few days to set up the lesson.

 Using the gift card to buy goods: Click on one of the pictures above and select the product or book you would like.  At checkout, put in your gift card number and the discount will automatically be applied. 

If you run into any problems, or have any questions, please contact


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