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About Let's Dansk!

Dr. Melissa Lucas has taught Danish to community members in Seattle for 12 years at the Scandinavian Language Institute, and taught Danish to students at the University of Washington for 5 years.  She noticed that the inquiries received from those venues tend to fall into 3 broad categories:

Where can I take Danish lessons if a university course is not an option?
Can you translate these Danish _______
        family letters and documents?

        academic resources/historical records?

        memoirs and (auto)biographies?


How do I get a Danish _____
work/study visa?

residence permit?


Melissa started Let's Dansk to address these inquiries and more.  On this website you can find in-person* and online Danish classes, translation services, and information about Denmark and the Danish Language. 

Melissa Lucas

Melissa was born in the US, but lived in Denmark as a college student in a total-immersion environment. She holds Master's degrees in Speech Pathology and Linguistics, and a PhD in Scandinavian Studies.  Her hobbies include pottery, co-op board-gaming, and reading grammar books at night when she should be sleeping.

*Note that, due to Covid-19 concerns, in-person lessons have been suspended until further notice; however, a variety of online lessons remain available. 

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