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To arrive at a quick estimate of the cost of your project, add the following to the base cost as applicable.  Final costs will be determined by Dr. Lucas prior to beginning the project.  Final price can also be affected by the project's time-frame, length, and other considerations.

Base price per word: 15¢


  + ___¢




x  ______


Base Price per word 

Time Period    




# of wds

=Total Estimate

Time Period of Source


1900-1949: +

1800's: +

1700's: +

1600's: +

Format of Source

1) Handwritten: +1¢

Courier, Times New Roman, Verdana, Ariel, etc.

"Normal" font:    

2) Printed

"Old" font:       +

Non-"Normal" fonts such as Gothic, Carolingian, Fraktur, etc

Legibility of Source

1) Excellent:   
    Neat, even spacing, clean, clear

2) Good:      +

3) Adequate:+
    Scrawled, crowded, irregular

4) Poor:        +

5) Very Poor:+
    Scrunched, smudged, blurred

      overlapping, faint, too dark, etc

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