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Witness to the future, by Klaus Rifbjerg

From the back cover: "Mik and Niels, two boys from the occupied Denmark of 1941, crawl through a cave and emerge in 1988, to a world that is both strangely familiar and dramatically different.  for sheer survival they team up with a street-wise young punker, who leads them on a headlong race toward Copenhagen while most people are fleeing the city under the shadow of imminent nuclear war.  Chased by police helicopters, guard dogs, and motorcycle gangs, the boys endure a series of harrowing adventures as they try to get back to theown era - which seems ironically civilized compared to the havoc of the eighties."


From Publishers Weekly: "[Klaus] Rifbjerg, a prolific Danish author who rarely has been translated into English, offers an allegory of the chaos and emptiness of modern times that conveys admiration for a simpler past."


Soft  cover. Signed by the translator.  Like new.  Copyright 1987.  Published by Fjord Press in Seattle.  Columbia Translation Center Prizewinner.  216 Pages.

Witness to the future, by Klaus Rifbjerg

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