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Hans Christian Andersen, told by Odense City Museums

This is a 74 page bilingual book about Hans Christian Andersen's life and works produced by the Odense City Museums in the year of HCA's 200th birthday celebration.  Excellent pictures of Andersen's letters, paper-clipping art, exhibits in the museum, pictures and quotes from his contemporaries, travel notes and watercolors by the famous author, and descriptions of important events in his life.  The Danish is written at an advanced level, but it has the benefit of a side-by-side (though not word-for-word) translation in English on each page.  The book itself is paperback, but the cover has a lovely smooth "feel" to it.  Inside the front and back flaps are reproductions of two paper doll people created by HCA - a pirate and a ballerina.  They can be punched out to play with, or left inside the book to greet and bid you farewell each time you read the book.  Copyright 2005.

Hans Christian Andersen, told by Odense City Museums

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