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 Dansk for vidergående


Christmas Holly
Christmas Holly

Denne uge snakker vi om jul i Danmark

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Danske juletraditioner

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Danske opskrifter (recipies) til julemad

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rasmus-gundorff-saederup Ableskiver at u



Et barn er født i Bethlehem

Syng med Sigurd

This is a popular children's singer.  The video is pretty high in the cheese-cute department, and the lip-syncing is not perfect, but he 

sings at a nice slow pace, looks at you so you can see his lips most of the time as he sings, and Danish subtitles are given.  So a good one to study and learn from.

Danmarks Radios Pigekor

Denmark's Radio's Girls' Choir was established in 1938 and is known for their broad repertoire.  Each year they perform more than 60 concerts around Denmark, including their Christmas concert where they sing carols an psalms.  The girls are between the ages of 15 and 22.  This video has no subtitles and no moving picture, so you can close your eyes and listen to it as if on the radio. 

Nu (er) det jul igen

Nu' det jul igen,
og nu' det jul igen,
og julen varer li' til påske.
Nej det' ikke sandt,
nej det' ikke sandt,
for ind imellem kommer fasten.

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