Dansk for begyndere

  uge 4 (week 4)  

Denne uge læser vi  i  kapitel 3  i   grundbogen.  Læs   sider 27 til 30.

This     week read   we in chapter 3 in  the textbook.   Read  pages 27  to 30.

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Substantiver, priser, og at købe ind

     Nouns,                  prices,     and       shopping

Sider 27-28/Pages 27-28

Dialogue 3

Hvor er bananerne?
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De er her.
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Fem for tyve kroner.
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Vi skal også huske nogle æbler.
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Ja, og løg.
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Kan du se nogle valnødder?
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Hvad koster de i dag?
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Og kartoflerne og gulerødderne.
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Nej, ikke her.
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Dialogue 3 - Entire
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Danish Grocery Store Chains


Click the logos to see "Tilbudsaviser" (sale newspapers) and advertisements from various Danish stores.  Can you figure out the names for different foods?  Can you say how much something costs?   How do Danish prices compare with ours?  Which stores are cheapest?  Most expensive?   What brand names do they use that are unfamiliar to us?  Explore!

Hover over this box to see Starbucks locations in Denmark.

In 2007, there were 2 Starbucks Shops in Denmark.  Both were in the airport.  In 2020 there were 19 (10 in Copenhagen).  

Hover over this box to see select Baresso locations in Denmark.

Baresso is slightly more popular in Denmark than Starbucks.  It was bought by Espresso House a few years ago and there are now around 115 Baresso/Espresso House shops in Denmark.

You can enter an amount and convert it from Danish to American currency on the left, and vice versa on the right.  To get it to work, though, you can not hit "enter."  You have to hit the button with the arrows to make the conversion.

Sider 28-30/Pages 28-30

Flere informationer om ubestemte og bestemte substantiver i flertal

 More      information      on     indefinite   and   definite          nouns        in  plural