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An exhaustive listing of all groups, organizations, and events pertaining to Danish Language and Culture all across the US.

New SLI classes will

resume (online) in April.  These classes, for 5 or more students, will also be taught by

Dr. Melissa Lucas.

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Translation Meditation

Der var engang en mand,

Han boede i en spand,

Og spanden var af ler,

Og konen vasked’ bleer,

Og drengen var barber,

Og tante spilled’ klaver,

Nu kan jeg ikke mere.

Here is a Danish children's rhyme

There was once a man,

he lived in a pail,

and the pail was of clay,

and the wife washed diapers,

and the boy was a barber,

and the aunt played piano,

now can I not more.

Here is a literal translation

Once there was a man

He lived in a pan

And the pan was of clay

And the wife danced ballet

And the boy sold cigars

And the aunt played guitars

And that’s enough by far!

The problem is... this translation, though accurate, doesn't maintain the cadence,  the rhythm of the original.  Does that matter?  Sometimes.  Often, actually.  In a children's rhyme, I think it is absolutely essential.  The question is, can you maintain the meaning without losing the rhythm?  Not easily.  Here's what I came up with, but I had to sacrifice a lot of the meaning for the sake of the rhyme and rhythm.  Can you think of some better ways to translate this, keeping the meaining but also the beat?



Nyhavn, Copenhagen


Gudhjem, Bornholm


Møllestien, Aarhus



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