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Den glade løve

Den glæde løve is a Danish language children's book.  Called "The Happy Lion" in English, this book (by Louise Fatio and illustrated by Roger Duvoisin) was translated into Danish by the poet Halfdan Rasmussen.  First published in 1954, the story tells of a Happy Lion who lives in France and goes for a walk outside of the zoo that is his home.  He is bewildered by the fright he causes until one of his friends, a young boy named François, greets him cheerfully and changes the tone of the town.  Black & White and Color illustrations.  32 pages. ISBN#: 978-87-00-7065-2.  This is the 3rd edition.  Printed in Denmark. 10.25 x 8 inches.  Weight 9.6oz


In Very Good condition with fine scratches on the front and back cover and a couple of deeper scratches on the back cover (see photos).

Den glade løve

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