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Language/30 Danish

From Educational Services Teaching Cassettes, published in 1974.  Requires cassette player to play.  Basic phrases grouped by theme, such as: General Expressions, Personal Needs, Time, Communications, Transportation, and Social Customs/Polite Expressions.  Note that the Communications section has several outdated phrases pertaining to conversations "At the Telegraph Station" and "At the Telephone" as well as "Handling Money."    However, it also includes timeless phrases such as "What is this?" "I don't think so" and "I want ice water," as well as useful wordlists such as foods, time, days, numbers, colors, and the meanings of public/road signs.  If you don't mind doing it old-school, it's a nice primer with a hefty focus on comprehension and pronunciation.  CAT NOT INCLUDED!



Language/30 Danish

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