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Bo Bedre´s jule-idébog, by Lis Paludan

Bo Bedre (a Danish franchise similar to Good Housekeeping) came out with this Jule-idébog (Christmas Idea Book) in the 1970's, and it is still fun today!  Full of crafts to decorate the house at Christmas or give as gifts.  Everything from traditional Danish Heart ornaments to Christmas cookies, paper angels, three-dimensional paper star mobiles, finger puppets, and games. Copyright 1971. There are 127 pages, all in Danish. Dust jacket. Hard cover.  Several sticky pages that are easily separated, and pages 112-13 are torn.  The dust jacket has a 2 inch rip at the bottom of the cover along with 3 or 4 inch creases (about 2 inches long).  Otherwise in good condition. 9.5 x 8.25 inches.


The Danish text is intermediate-advanced, but the pictures and the hands-on nature of the crafts makes it easier to understand than a book without pictures, so it is listed as Reading level 5 (Intermediate).

Bo Bedre´s jule-idébog, by Lis Paludan

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