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Barndommens gade, by Tove Ditlevsen

Barndommens gade  (Childhood's Street) is a classic Danish novel by Tove Ditlevsen.  This soft  cover book is a little bent, but otherwise in great condition.  A famous novel in Denmark, it has been required reading for many Danish teens for many years.  It tells the story of Ester as she grows up in a working-class quarter of Copenhagen in the 1930's.  A poignant portrait of maturing youth, lessons learned or not, and the long-lasting influences of one's childhood.  Advanced reading level for those learning Danish as a Foreign Language.  211 pages.  5 x 8 inches.  Copyright 1943.  6th edition, 3rd printing.

Barndommens gade, by Tove Ditlevsen

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