Find Colloquial Danish, 2nd Edition

For the Beginning and Know-a-Little (Continuing) SLI Danish classes, you will need to rent or purchase a copy of Colloquial Danish.  There are two editions, and you want to be sure to get the 2nd edition because the audio part will match with the 2nd edition only.  You will not need to buy the audio portion - you will get that for free when the course starts.

Below are links to places you are likely to find the textbook.  If one does not have it, try another.  They are out there, but they are not all in one place!

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stilldennis (Canada)
Colloquial Danish - 2nd edition picture.

Get this!

treasure buddies
musicmagpie (UK)
Colloquial Danish - 1st Edition.jpg


Not this!

grandeagleretail (canada)

Bemærk!  (Please Note!)

If your book does not arrive before the start of class, do not fret!  Each student must have a book so that we are not infringing on copyrights, but pages will be provided as copies until your book arrives.

The book will continue to be used in subsequent classes, so it is all you need for approximately a half year.