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About These Used Books
Over the years, I have acquired a library of used books spanning many types, ages, conditions, and linguistic complexities.  Currently, there are only a few books available on the website, but I will be adding to the list as I can. To help students find books at their level, I have devised a rough estimate of the reading difficulty for a non-native adult Danish speaker.  Remember, this is just a rough estimate.  The pictures shown of the books are all of the book itself (not stock pictures) and they include at least 1 page of writing, so you can see if the level is what you want.

Key to Estimated Reading Levels

Level 1: Rank Beginner
Level 2
Level 3: Advanced Beginning
Level 4 
Level 5: Intermediate
Level 6 
Level 7: Advanced

A Note about Children's Books
Many people assume that children's books are easiest for foreign language learners to read.  This is not always the case.  Even four year old children already have a vocabulary of about 1,000 words and understand many complex sentences.  They just can't read as well as they can speak/understand.  Literate adults are the opposite.  Books made for native children are a fit for those with a solid foundational vocabulary and some higher level comprehension of sentence structures.  That said, there is much to learn from children's books, which often are full of pictures and references to concrete (versus abstract) ideas, which can help an adult with a dictionary improve their vocabulary and reading skills.

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